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Rockwall Banner-Herald: Local MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes Hosts Fundraiser for Family in Need
Rockwall residents gathered at the restaurant to support the Martell family after their daughter passed away from liver cancer.

On Thursday, March 9th, Rockwall residents gathered to support the Martell family at a fundraiser hosted by the local MOOYAH

Tragedy struck the family when they lost their teenage daughter Luna to liver cancer last year. Recently, their 9-year-old Simran was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Family friend Marisa Gray, who knows the Martells through Celia Hays Elementary School, helped to coordinate the event with the restaurant. MOOYAH was eager to help.

“We were obviously very excited and humbled to have the opportunity to do so,” said Colin Berry, senior field marketing manager at MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes.

In addition to the event, Gray and the Martells have sold t-shirts to support the family and their medical costs, even rallying Simran's classmates to welcome him back to school after surgery by wearing their 'I wear gray for Simran' shirts.

“They were all really surprised because they never knew what day I was coming back and they all wanted to come over and talk to me,” Simran said to the reporter. “They were really excited.” 

On the part of the family, they are thankful to have a supportive community that's continued to lend a helping hand in trying times.

“We’re always overwhelmed with gratitude,” Heidi Martell told the Banner-Herald. “It’s almost too much to handle. You don’t have that expectation and people are giving so much. My heart can’t handle it. It makes me happy to the point where I’ll cry sometimes.”

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