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QSR Magazine: MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes' New Ownership to Fuel Franchise Development
The brand is focused on boosting sales and supporting its growing system of franchisees.

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes is under new ownership. As was reported recently by QSR Magazine, the Dallas-based better burger franchise brand was acquired by an affiliate of Balmoral Funds LLC and Gala Capital Partners, LLC - and under the new ownership, the company is focused on intelligent growth.

“We don’t have our eye on this number of new franchisees we need to bring on or on this amount of new units that we need to open,” Michael Mabry, President & COO of MOOYAH, told QSR. “Really, our goals are based on how do we increase sales at current restaurants? How do we better support and service our franchisees with improved training programs with improved assets, whether that’s technology assets or people assets or the like? We want to really focus on the nucleus that got us here.”

Anand Gala, President & CEO of Gala Corporation brings extensive experience in the franchise industry to the company along with the capital to aid in future growth for MOOYAH. He shares the same vision as Mabry on how to continue the company's success.

“We share a philosophical approach,” Gala told QSR. “Which is if we can help franchisees be as successful as they can be, then something as simple as if every franchisee just opened one more store we could effectively double the business. Now, I am interested in growth, but I don’t have a number out there. Because, honestly, I am looking for responsible growth. I’m looking for healthy growth. I don’t want to grow so fast that we can not support those franchisees in a way that they need to be supported."

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