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Backed by Multi-Unit Franchisees, MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes Boasts a High Return on Investment for Entrepreneurs
As MOOYAH continues to grow, so too does its network of multi-unit franchisees.

In 2011, Bailey McGuire became one of the youngest franchisees in the MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes system when he opened his first restaurant in Burleson, Texas with his business partner and brother-in-law Frank Sciuto.


From the very beginning, McGuire knew MOOYAH would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In search of the right business ownership opportunity, he was drawn to the fact that MOOYAH was a young brand in need of franchisees to help them grow.


“I was young, too, a bit inexperienced as an entrepreneur and I didn’t really have the money that you normally would need when trying to start a business. But MOOYAH was an opportunity I couldn’t turn away. I liked the corporate team and the entire concept, what they stood for and what they were trying to build,” McGuire said. “I was willing to take the risk on them if they were willing to take one on us. This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get on the ground floor of an up-and-coming business.”


As it turns out, investing in MOOYAH was a risk that paid off. McGuire found franchising with the brand to be incredibly rewarding: From the company’s fun-loving culture to a high-quality product that’s in demand, MOOYAH was the perfect match. So much so, in fact, that nearly three years later, he decided that he believed in the brand so strongly that it was time to reinvest in a company that had already given him so much. Today, McGuire now owns a second location in Fort Worth, Texas, and his reason for becoming a multi-unit franchisee is simple: backed by unparalleled support and a product that people love, growth potential for MOOYAH seemed nearly limitless.


“MOOYAH is still a young brand, and because of that, I’ve had the opportunity to voice my opinion and help the brand grow more than I would have with other brands. I feel very invested in the brand. I’ve seen them cross a lot of milestones over the years – 20, 50, 80 stores – and now we’re at 100, and it’s such an accomplishment,” McGuire said. “In the past year, corporate has harnessed the ability to hire the right people to care for and support their franchisees. It’s the perfect time to get involved. The menu, structure and support team are better than ever.”


Stories like McGuire’s aren’t uncommon in the MOOYAH franchise system. As MOOYAH continues to grow, so too does its network of multi-unit franchisees. These store owners have seen firsthand the immense opportunity and potential in the brand, and after experiencing success once, they’re eager to invest in an even bigger slice of the business. In fact, over the years, MOOYAH has concentrated its development strategy on multi-unit operators—not only because of economies of scale and other efficiencies, but because franchisees genuinely wanted to invest in a growing brand with boundless potential.


“We’ve been fortunate in having franchisees whose appetites are greater than one store. Our corporate support, Seriously Fun culture, passion for crafting a better burger experience and vast growth potential throughout the country has created a recipe for success,” said Michael Mabry, the chief operating officer for MOOYAH. “The end product is an unbeatable return on investment—one that franchisees are eager to partake in over and over again.”