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Greater Baton Rouge Business Journal: LSU Can Expect MOOYAH Burgers Near Campus In January
Franchisee Chuck Kerr plans to open second MOOYAH Burgers location in Baton Rouge
MOOYAH Burgers franchisee Chuck Kerr is approaching the opening date for his newest MOOYAH location near LSU. The restaurant, which will be an expanded version of his Baton Rouge model, will be ready for the public in January. 
Kerr hopes to cater to the larger, college-area crowd and average $20,000 in sales per day. The new location will offer a 'grab-n-go' option stocked with pre-made burgers to ensure quick service for those who prefer it.

The franchisee is extremely excited for what's to come. “I really think that store has the potential to blow this one out of the water,” he said in reference to his Siegen Lane restaurant.

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